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Pursuing the Light of Faith to bear the mission of youth -Class 4 of the No. 4 Affective Group School of the No. 1 Middle School of the Central dafabet online sports betting appChina Normal University is held smoothly

November 19th at 2 pm,The fourth class of the group school school in the group in 2023 was successfully held in the lecture hall No. 1。Dialogue with the Group Class "Dialogue with Faith" by Teacher Chen Hong。"On the way to realize national independence and people's liberation,Chinese children are constantly seeking their own beliefs。"Teacher Chen led the classmates to review the course of the Chinese revolution,Sort out the clues of the development of Chinese communism,Point clearly clear the role of faith played in it。Teacher Chen analyzed the reason why China has achieved such achievements today: Leaders seeking truth from facts,Put the decision -making of the actual situation; the Chinese people are firm in cultural self -confidence,Self -improvement and self -reliance,Study on the buried head、Construction。Now,China has become the world's second largest economy,Teacher Chen warned students,"We still have to live in peace、Confidence and self -reliance,Building China better、Rich、stronger。"Course last,Mr. Chen asked the students to write a sentence 30 years dafabet best online betting websitelater,and encourage students to fight for it。This lesson inspires the enthusiasm of students,It also helped the students to remove the fog,I saw the light of faith。



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