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School Overview

Introduction to school

The First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University (referred to as the "No. 1 Middle School of the Central China Normal University") was formerly a middle school for Central South Experimental Industry and Rural Speed,from Pan Zi Nian、Zhao Juntao and other famous revolutionary educators were founded in September 1950。In 1985, it is even more existing name,Former President Li Xiannian's first honorary president and wrote a school name。School existing high school、Two campuses of junior high school。High School in Optics Valley, China,Covering an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters,About 3,500 students,full -time teachers 357,7 people with Zheng Senior Teacher,11 special teachers,4 famous teacher studios; the junior high school located in Hongshan District covers an area of ​​about 100 acres,More than 1700 students at school,Dedicated teachers 141。Autumn 2015,The Central Military Commission dafabet best online casinoapproves the establishment of the Air Force Youth Aviation School in our school ......

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Picture name

Cultural logo

School emblem

Houde Boya Tu Xueshi

The school emblem is a positive circle,The "H" above the middle of the inner circle is the first letter of the "Hua" Pinyin,The "1" of the "1" in the first shot of the shadow is the first to show,Circle Explosiveness、Live,The word "China" and "h" compose "medium"。Below is the line shape of the school science and technology innovation center building,1950 for the establishment time of the first middle school of the Chinese Normal University, Zhongnan Experimental Industry and Agriculture Speed ​​Middle School。Inner and outer circles,Above it is the name of Chinese Chinese characters in the Chinese Normal University with Chinese Normal University,Below is English name。

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School is working hard to advance towards the goal of building a world -class middle school。Huazhong Normal University No.1 Middle School will always remember the school motto of "Hou Demopa Yayu learning"dafabet best online casino,Adhering to the spirit of the Chinese teacher who is "pursuing excellence",Efforts to cultivate your physical and mental strong、The leader of the future world with excellent character and high key capabilities。Future school,Smart Education,Education innovative talents,Laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive development of students and lifelong happiness。

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