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School Overview

Big Event

May 1950

Pan Zi Nian、Wang Zishen、Zhao Juntao and others were ordered to organize "Zhongnan Experimental Industry and Rural Speed ​​Middle School"。

September 1950

Zhang Mingzhang participated in the National Working and Peasant Speed ​​Middle School Professional Conference,Seeed by Chairman Mao。

September 13, 1950

Starting school at the University of Central Plains University,Wang Zinhen as the principal,Vice President Mu Zhengren。

July 1951

The Ministry of Education of the Central South Education entrusts our school to handle the "Cultural Culture Culture School of Workers and Peasants Cadres"。

October 1951

Move from the Central Plains University Department to the school building of the University of Education.

September 1952

Reform the school name "Huazhong Teachers College Affiliated Workers and Peasant Suffering Middle School",Shao Da reached the principal。


It was identified by the Wuhan Municipal Sports Commission as one of the schools that focus on the "labor and health system"。


Soviet biologist Xie Kong visited our school,Our school first received foreign guests。


End of the Cultural Tuition School of Workers and Peasants Cadres,President of Langjun Poems,Yuan Fu as Vice President,Admissions began in junior high school,Forms a complete ordinary middle school。


Reform the school named "First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Teachers College".


Performing a nine -year consistent reform test.


The results of the college entrance examination ranked first in Hubei Province,Become one of the key middle schools in the eighteen of Hubei Province。


Gongnong Sucheng Middle School was ordered to suspend.


Established Hubei Youth Amateur Global School.


dafabet online casino gamesdafabet sports betting websiteFormulate the "Preliminary Plan for Education Revolution in the Educational Revolution of the Chinese Division",Cancellation of the class,Change to continuous arrangement,Abolition of high school、junior high school "San • 3" segmentation system,Change to four years of consistent system。


The temporary party committee of the Chinese division appointed Comrade Ma Chengshan as the secretary secretary,Yuan Fu is the director of the Revolutionary Committee。


Revolutionary Committee,The temporary party committee of the Chinese division re -appointed Zhou Xu as the secretary of the party's party branch,Wang Zhiying is deputy secretary,Yuan Fu is the principal,Zhou Jingwen、Easy to be strange、Li Shuisheng is Vice President。


It was rated as the first class of sports insurance in Wuhan City、Advanced Unit of Cultural and Education Front in Hubei Province。


It was determined to be one of the first two key middle schools to be run in Hubei Province。


It was identified as one of the 20 key middle schools in Hubei Province.


The college entrance examination rate reached 76%, ranking the list of Wuhan City.


Wang Jiang's "If I'm the Mayor of Wuhan City",Caused a strong response from society。


It was identified as the first batch of qualified schools in Wuhan.

September 1984

Shang Dehai as the secretary of the party's general branch,Zhang Zhen as Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch,Yuan Fu Ren Honorary President,Li Shuisheng served as the principal,Wanyi、Qian Changyan as Vice President。 In 1984, the first grade group responsibility system was implemented.

April 1985

The first to set up a student's political and ideological education work office.

September 1985

Reform the school name "First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University".

October 1985

Hold the first faculty and staff congress,Establish a goal of "Strive for five years to run our school into the country's first class"。

March 1, 1987

State President Li Xiannian wrote to the school "Huazhong Normal University First Middle School" school name。

September 1987

Implement the "May 4 O" teaching reform plan.

October 1990

Grandly held the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the school and the establishment of the Alumni Association.

November 1990

Take the lead in carrying out long -distance practice、Stading Type、Student social practice activities for all -round education。

May 1991

The first art festival event was held.

April 1992

The second grade group won the National May Day Labor Award.


The Hubei Provincial People's Government was identified as the only window school in Hubei Province。

May 1994

Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Vice Premier Li Lanqing of the State Council inspected our school。

September 1994

The first psychological counseling course for "Modern Youth" in the province is the first.

December 1994

Huazhong Normal University decided that our school to trial the state -owned private school running model.


The first batch of 15 high school graduates went to study abroad in Lamo San Diego, the United States,Open our school to send students to study abroad。

March 1996

Signing an educational exchange agreement with Wananui Public School in New Zealand,Accept two New Zealand students,Open our school to accept foreign students in the foreigner。

August 1996

Founded "Hubei Huayi Board School".

October 1996

Holding the "Research Project on Quality Science System",Perform quality dafabet best online betting websitescientific division reform test。

dafabet online sports betting appDecember 1996

School Education Foundation was established,Development of the "Articles of Association of the Chinese Teacher One Education Reward Foundation"。

May 1997

Establish a provincial science experimental class.

November 1997

Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Vice Premier Li Lanqing of the State Council inspects our school again。

December 1997

The title of "Provincial Demonstration High School" in Hubei Province with the highest score in the province。

October 1999

National Symposium on the National High School System Symposium was held in our school.


It was named the first batch of "Hubei Province Green School"、The first batch of "National Green School"。


No. 1 Middle School、African Middle School merged,Established a new Chinese Normal University Affiliated Middle School。

April 2002

Successfully hosted the "Sixth Global Middle School Principal Forum Conference".

July 2002

Established the China -Australian Cooperation Department (International Department).

August 2002

Grade first grade relocated to the Hongshan Campus to develop an education base.

February 2003

The Second Session of the Sixth Education Congress decided to choose a new school in the construction of Tangson Lake。

May 2003

Glory title of "Advanced Unit of Education Foreign Affairs Work in the Provincial Education" by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education。

July 2003

Hiring Zhonghexin Law Firm is our school's legal consultant.

October 21, 2003

The foundation of the new school construction project was held.

March 2004

Outstanding teachers of discipline backbone for disciplines in the country,The first person to implement the personnel agency system in the province。

April 2004

The Department of Education has approved our school to recruit students from 2005。

March 2005

won the first place in the province's high school comprehensive strength rankings.

July 26, 2005

The school is relocated to the new campus of Tangxun Lake.

June 2005

Establish a new school motto of "Houde, Boya, Du Xue, Minxing".

August 2005

Formulate the "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" Development Plan for the No. 1 High School of China Normal University "。

September 2005

The title of "Best Civilized Unit" awarded by the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government。

October 26, 2005

The first re -evaluation of provincial demonstration schools,Continue to maintain the title of "Provincial Demonstration High School"。

March 2006

The school men's basketball team won the 2005-2006 National High School Men's Basketball League Hubei Champion、The sixth place in the country。

April 16, 2006

Holding the completion of the new school and the 56th anniversary of the establishment of the school.

August 2007

The 6th Chinese Women's Mathematics Olympic Competition is held in our school。

December 2007

Our school newspaper school sculpted in the second selection of Hubei Province won special prizes。

February 2008

Our school opened a "Confucius Classroom" in France.

October 2008

Hosewire to the National Middle School Student Track and Field Championship.

August 2009

Establishing the First Affiliated to Xinjiang Bole Branch of the China Normal University,Start aid to Xinjiang。

September 2009

Selected "60 Business Cards of Jingchu".

October 2009

Our school signed the "School: Shape Future Partner" cooperation project with Goette College in Germany。

At the end of 2009

dafabet online casino gamesdafabet best online casinoEstablishing the No. 1 High School of the Chinese Normal University in Chaoyang School.


Complete the key topic of "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" in Hubei Provincial Education Sciences,Proposed "one master and two wings"、The development strategy of open school running。(One master: the connotation development of the school、Featured development、High -quality development; "two wings": the harmony and equilibrium of internationalization+education)。

October 2010

Awarded "National Advanced School of Art Education".


Formulate the "Twelfth Five -Year Plan" Development Plan for the No. 1 High School of the Chinese Normal University ",Determined proposal "Domestic first -class、World Famous School Goals "。

January 2012

Won the "Wuhan Mass Satisfaction School".

September 2012

"Flying Class" to start school,40 freshmen from Gao No. 1 from Enshi Xianfeng County to study in our school。


Comprehensive advancement of classroom teaching reform with "two two" as the core。("Two": Back to students,Teach methods to students;,Emphasis on the cultivation of students' ability。)

August 2013

Won the "Top Ten Schools of Science and Technology Education Innovation".

November 2013

The National Han Office approves our school to establish Confucius Class in the United States.

July 2014

Zhou Pengcheng served as the principal of the first affiliated middle school of Huazhong Normal University。Put forward the school concept of "focusing on students 'physical and mental health • Essential qualities for students • Cultivate students' key abilities" and "build future schools • run smart education • nurture innovative talents"、Building the goal of struggle for world -class middle schools。

August 2014

The National Middle School Student Biology Competition was held in our school.

September 2014

Our school became the "first batch of pilot schools in the country's first batch of universities".

September 2015

Open the Air Force Youth Aviation School.

December 2015

Our school was selected as the first batch of "China University First Course Pilot Project" pilot school。

March 2016

According to the requirements of the Provincial Department of Education,Our school provides counterpart assistance to Tuanfeng County President Luzui High School。

July 2016

Three teachers in the junior high school went to Tibet to teach.

September 2016

Our school was rated as "National Master of Education Professional Degree Graduate Cultivation Demonstration Base"。

November 2016

Our School's Civil Union Branch has been awarded "Advanced Collective of Social Service Work"。

February 2016

Formulate and implement the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" Development Plan for the No. 1 High School of the Chinese Normal University "。

Spring 2017

The No. 1 High School of the Chinese Normal University Affiliated Middle School Tunchang Siyuan Middle School was established.

September 2017

Our school was rated as the "first batch of demonstration schools of Chinese universities (CAP)"。

November 2017

Our school is rated as "National Primary and Middle School (Child) Advanced Logistics School"。

Autumn 2017

Opening the Fuxing School of the No. 1 Affiliated High School of China Normal University.

December 2017

Our school hosted the 59th IMO China Mathematics Olympic International Training Team Training。

March 2018

Our school was rated as "Hubei Province Language Standardized Demonstration School"。

Autumn 2018

Opening the China Normal University First Affiliated Middle School Tangxun dafabet best online casinoLake dafabet sports betting websiteSchool and Huazhong Normal University First Affiliated Middle School Experimental School。

December 2018

"Research on the Reform of the General High School Education System with Key Ability -40 Years of Quality Education 40 Years of Middle School First Middle School" won the "Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award"。