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Student Heaven and Earth

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Written article: Xu Chenyang、Chen Qiyuan、Cheng Jialiang、Jin Songqi、Peng Yihan、Editor of Ma Qinglin: Wu Chenrui Wu Chenhan Ma Qinglin


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Centennial Road,Stretched dafabet best online betting websiteforward! On June 24th, the first prize of the speech of the "Voice of the Time" National National Speech,Xu Chenyang from Class 2 (27)、Chen Qiyuan、Classmates Cheng Jialiang and Jin Songqi,Bring us "Pursuit of Pioneers,Speaking of the Youth Sound "keynote speech。




Teachers, classmates,

Hello everyone! I am from Xu Chenyang from Class 27 (27),I am Chen Qiyuan,I am Cheng Jialiang,I am Jin Songqi。The theme of our speech today is: Pursuing the ancestors' footsteps,Stepping youth 跫。

Hush! Listen quickly, there seems to be any sound!

That's footsteps!

That is the footsteps of the ancestors!

The footsteps seemed to tell their story!

100 years ago,When the country is dim at home,A large number of aspiring youths come forward; 100 years later,We should also inherit the spirit of the ancestors,Step out of the footsteps that belong to our generation。

There is a kind of spirit called "always prepare"。卯 卯,Sailing Sailing,No battle without preparation。Looking back on the chaos of the "snow -pressed winter clouds and white fluff",China has fallen into the abyss of semi -colonial and semi -feudal society。Lighting red concession,Foreigners rampant domineering,Chinese Life Rough Wedch。The shame of "Chinese must not enter" stabbed every Chinese heart,It also aroused the inexplicable meaning of young Zhou Enlai。On the classroom,He sent out the vow of "reading for the rise of China",Pioneer,Tone。After graduation,His studying abroad in Japan,Ge generously wrote before leaving: "Ten years of facial walls break the wall,It is difficult to pay the sea and heroes! "Back now,Today's world wave strange cloud,Opportunities and challenges followed。As a youth to be burned,The baton of the era has been passed to us,We should be firm in ideals and beliefs,A response to the times of the era of dafabet online casino gamesyouth,Always prepare for the journey of national rejuvenation。

There is a kind of courage called "Zhiming Mountain has a tiger,Leading to Hu Mountain "。We will encounter heavy obstacles on the road to advance,They may be a difficult and profound mathematical question,Or frustration of a loss of a test。But please don't be discouraged,Don't worry。Some predecessors gave us guidance: he had been on the deserted Gobi Beach,Lead a group of young college students,Hand picking shoulders,Open an asphalt road; he has no teaching aids、In the dilemma of books,Active Creation Conditions,Use wood to build a model teaching hall for atomic bombs;,Calculated on the day and night,With an algorithm, the skeleton of my country's first atomic bomb was constructed。,is Deng Jiaxian。Tomorrow,It is the 100th anniversary of Deng's birthday。On this time,Deng Lao,and all scientific research seniors who spray youth on Gobi Beach,Their "two bullets spirit" guides us,It is more frustrated and brave when facing difficulties,Make the difficulties and go up。

There is a mission called "Innovation will always be on the road"。Developed wheels rolling forward,We can't relax for a while。The new era of youth is new to 硎,It is suitable for players in a new environment,Show Fist。In the information age of this crescent information,Qingdao Port urgently needs to be renovated。Time to make people,"Lian Steel Innovation Team" sounded the horn of "Qingdao Mode"。Just 15 months,They gathered hydrogen power automation track hanging、5G+automation technology, 6 the world's first scientific and technological achievements,Finally gathered into a masterpiece of "Qingdao Smart Ecological Port",Surprise in the world。Zhang Liangang once said at the mobilization meeting: "Do it,It is necessary dafabet online casino gamesto lead the development trend of the world's future ports。"They left a fully automated port for future generations,It also left us valuable spiritual wealth,Inspired us to follow their footprints,Grasp the new law,Create new things,Promoting new development。

Thousands of words,It is better to do it。Classmates,I believe you have observed the school emblem of Huashu Yi,The "1950" above is exactly the imprint of the ancestors on us -that year,Pan Zi Nian、Zhao Juntao and other revolutionary educators were when they were abolished and treated,Founded the Central South Workers and Peasants Experimental Experiment Quickly Middle School。74 years later,We are on this land,Superior condition,Future light,will go to the peak of 800 sets。Ahead,It is the Kangzhuang Avenue from the ancestors。However, far away,There are also countless opportunities and challenges。Why are you always ready,Go to cut thorns,To explore the brand new world,Go to leave our footprints for later people?

Jiangshan's sages stayed, and my young man came to come.

We have confidence,Fighting spirit,"Laughing out of the sky,Is my generation? "。

We have patience,Quit arrogance,"The karma of the heavens and the earth cannot rush,Difficulty as a tired day and moon "。

We have perseverance,Perseverance,"Thousands of thousands of sorrows are hard,Blowing the mad sand to start to gold。”

We have determination,Broken kettle Sinking boat,"Yellow Sand Battle Through Golden Armor,Do not break the Loulan! "

He: May we follow this way,Walking Road,While at the time,The strongest voice of youth!

Our speech ended here, thank you all.

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