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Student Heaven and Earth

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Text/He Xinyang Picture/Sun Mengjia




morning on April 14,The History Museum of the First Affiliated School of the Chinese Normal University has entered the "Hundred Schools and Hundred Museums" -after Hubei "Dasi Political Class" practice teaching platform,ushered in the first opening to the public,Eighteen students of the school history explanation group undertake the explanation work of this school history museum。8:30 am,The students of the school history explanation group arrived at their respective positions,Ready to welcome the arrival of the first batch of visitors。


9 am at 9 am,The head of the school history museum is crowded,Visitors followed behind the interpreter,Follow the guidance of the interpreter,Their eyes fall on the picture and text on the exhibition board,Face is full of curiosity about the history of the Chinese teacher school。At the entrance of the North Gate of the School History Museum,Record the training of Huashu No. 1、School Song、The cultural wall of the educating concept attracted countless visitors to stop and stay,In the explanation of the interpreter,Visitors learned about the deep meaning of our school's target,Sighing the deep cultural heritage of school motto,Praise "spend time to students,Teach methods to students "and" Cultivate Future World Leaders "running philosophy。

In this historic space,Everyone is immersed in their own thinking and feelings,They are not only visiting a school history museum,I am even more understanding the history and culture of a school。and correct these history and culture to visitors,It is the responsibility of the school history interpreters。


There are students among visitors,There are parents,and people from all walks of society,For different people,The focus of the members of the members of the school history explanation group explained differently,The tone during the explanation is also different,Except for the history of the school,Explaim members also need to answer various questions from visitors,This is testing everyone's grasp of the knowledge of school history and the ability of random strain。

After the visit,Parent Ms. Chen said: "If you want to describe the Chinese teacher in my mind in a word,I think it is ‘bold’,From the "May 40" scheme to the reform of the quality system,Chinese teachers have always dared to be the first,Implement a credit system in high school,It can be done so well,It is really amazing。”


That day,There is also a particularly warm episode。Retirement Teacher Gong Baoshan, a retired teacher at Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics and Law, once served as the head teacher of the 76th glide class of our school,After seeing the news of the "Hundred Schools and Hundred Museums" platform on the newspaper in the newspaper,Special appointment for school history museum to come to visit。The student of the school history explanation group received him,I found out that the teacher of the Chinese Division No. 1 High School "went home"。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of our school Wang Xiaoying、Director of the School Office Su Yan and the director of the Youth Aviation School Office Chen Huabin heard the news,Special deliberately given to Teacher Gong Baoshan a book called "Global Class Love" as a memorial,and welcome Teacher Gong to "go home and look at it"。Teacher Gong said excitedly,Seeing the campus of the current Chinese Affiliated High School,He is very happy,Especially volunteer students,Talk about each of them,The comprehensive quality is high,Let him be very pleased!

Actually,This is not the first time the members of the school history explanation group participated in the school history explanation activity,Some time ago,Some members of the community also led students from Huayi Board School and Wuhan Huamei Experimental School to visit the campus and school history museums。In the explanation of members,The campus life and culture of Huashuyi is understood by more students,Explained people also accumulated experience in actual explanations,Improvana has improved its explanation level。


The school history explanation group has been committed to promoting、Communication school history culture,The "Hundred Schools and Hundred Halls" event not only provided outside school with the opportunity to enter Huashu Yi,It also established a platform for members of the school history explanation group to participate in the practice of school history。Future,The members of the school history explanation group will continue to temper themselves,Study forward,Striving for better performance in future school history practice activities。


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As a "School History Explanation Group",Explanation of school history is naturally the primary responsibility。But even me as a "veteran",This is also the first large -scale explanation activity of the first experience。From the beginning dafabet sports betting websiteof some communities to the enthusiastic reception of later,The transformation in which is about to go through large -scale activities such as such to be successful。No doubt,This is a very exercise person,It is also the purpose of the establishment of our society,Also why I want to join this community。At the same time,Some problems that occur in this event,We also summarized and resumed,I believe in the next school history explanation practical activity,We can perform better。

—— Senior Senior (3) Class Xiaoyang

This event not only reflects the responsibility of Huashuyi as the "window school" of Hubei Province,At the same time, it can also help us cultivate the ability to communicate with others,I think this is the essential ability of the leader of the future world,More students should participate。

—— Senior (11) Class Simplified Law

Although it has joined the school history explanation group for nearly two years,The activity of this "Hundred Schools and Hundred Halls" was the first time I participated in the explanation of large -scale school history。Recall that I was also a visitor three years ago,It is precisely the calm confidence of the sisters of the community when explaining the history of the school,I did not hesitate to join the school history explanation group,It's really emotional to want to come now。

This event brought me the gains that actually originated from the communication between me and the visitors,One of the parents impressed me very deep,After visiting the "key ability" section, she said to me: "In this era,No matter what industry,All the talents needed are talented talents,So I really agree with the training concept like your school。"" I heard the recognition of visitors' culture of our school,I feel very proud,I am also honored to be a member of the history and culture of school history。

—— High School (19) Class He Xinyang

In the "Hundred Schools and Hundred Museums" activities,I am fortunate to be a school history interpreter,introduced the history and culture of the school to the visitors。This experience made me more deeply understand the importance of school history for school development,It also made me more proud of being a member of the Chinese master and a part of the school history explanation group! Through the communication and interaction with the visitors,I deeply felt their strong interest in the Chinese Normal University Campus and the expectations of the school's future development,I hope that in the future, more people can understand the Chinese teacher,I will also work hard to contribute to my school history work。

—— Class 2 (20) Liu Niping

In these school history volunteers,I can make a force for many parents and students,Can show the excellent character of our school students,Being able to further increase everyone's understanding of Chinese teacher,I feel very happy and honored。Another,Through this activity,I also exercised my oral communication ability,Experience the power of teamwork。Although the weather is a bit hot,But it can't hide the enthusiasm we explained。

—— Class of high school (3) Li Yiyang

When participating in this volunteer event,I feel that my social value is realized,Professional knowledge and ability have been improved,The true meaning of volunteer spirit is to help those dafabet online sports betting appwho need help,Use your own actions to drive the people around you to inherit the volunteer sentiment together。

—— Class (4) Class Liu Jiaxu

Through this activity,Publicized the cultural characteristics of our school,Let more people have the opportunity to understand the history and concepts of Huashuyi,and I am also in contact with parents and students,Feeling their appreciation and longing for Chinese teachers。

— Wu Wanting, Class 8) Class (8)

As my first volunteer service,At the same time, it is also the responsibility of fulfilling the propaganda members,I participated in the school history volunteer explanation work of the "Hundred Schools and Hundred Museums" campaign。Especially when I learned that even someone made a special trip to the high -speed rail to visit the school,The warm current of moved and awe through the body and mind。Very honored to be able to participate in such activities,Opportunity to get self -exercise,In the process, I also witnessed the volunteer spirit of other volunteers' continuation,enriched my understanding of volunteer services,I look forward to the next participation。

—— High School (9) Class Pu Hao Ning

Looking back at this school history volunteer explanation service,Get is quite abundant,Not only did I exercise my random strain ability,It also improved my language expression ability,Communicate with different visitors,Let me deeply feel the meaning of volunteer service and school history。

—— Class of high school (10) Yuyang

There are ideals in the school history museum、There are targets,People who are curious and longing for Chinese teachers,When I was called "Sister Sister", there was indeed a feeling with glory,Perhaps as the sentence: "I am proud of the Chinese teacher today,Tomorrow Chinese Master is proud of me。"I got the Runze of Huayi Rongguang,In the future, we should also work harder to win glory for Hua。

—— Gao No. 1 (12) Class Yang Yifei

Participate in volunteer service,I have gained a lot。I felt the joy of giving dedication,I have experienced the dedication of the dedication。I participated in the event,I have more experience in volunteer service,Next time I face difficult questions,It can be handled at ease。I heard the parents who visited the visit from the heart,Seeing their smile,My heart is also warm。

—— Yuan Rui, Class of High School (14)

Volunteer service through one morning,I feel extremely happy and proud。Although just standing at the door to point the visitors,No explanation of the history of the school,But when I see other classmates explain to them,I think our work has extremely important significance。We have not only promoted the history of the school,It also enabled us to gain a certain volunteer service experience。During the service process,A cute child listened to the explanation very seriously,I gave him a small gift on behalf of the school,His father said to him,This is a very powerful brother。That moment,I feel extremely proud and proud。In general,The volunteer service of the school history explanation group is really meaningful。

—— Gao No. 1 (15) Class Jiang Guangbo

In the early community class,I have learned about the development of school history and some important education and teaching reforms,So,I would like to explain the part of the preface hall and school dafabet best online betting websitehistory that I was responsible for in this event。From the beginning,I am worried that I will not be explained insufficiently,But after the first attempt,I found my design is successful。Many strange faces appear at school history museum,I explained the school history as I explained to them,While communicating with them the life and study of Huashu Yi。Although we may have only one side with these visitors,But because of this,We also need to welcome every visitor with a warm and warm attitude,Show the style of Huayi ER。This event fully exercised my interpersonal communication ability and random strain ability,It also made me experience a lot of warmth from strangers。

—— Class of high school (17) Liu Yusong

I am responsible for explaining the well -known alumni section in the preface hall。When reviewing the achievements and deeds of well -known alumni,I once felt boring,But when I really explain for parents and students,Seeing them amazing、A admiration and envious eyes,I found that the history of the school is actually very interesting,The more I said, the more I feel and honored: Such an excellent person is my alumni! It is even more honorary and responsible to share their excellent sharing with friends outside the school,I am honored to explain the history of the school on behalf of Hua Yi。

—— Class Chen Chen