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Notice Announcement

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Zhang Yan




Faculty of the whole school:

2024 Hubei Province Education Science Planning Project Declaration Starting。Notice on the "Notice on the Declaration of the Municipal Planning Office for forwarding the" Municipal Planning Office's forwarding; the notice of the application of the 2024 annual education scientific planning project & gt; "(Annex 1,The following referred to as "Notice"dafabet best online casino)。Declaration of the declaration according to the "Notice",The deadline for the collection of the application materials of our school is June 24 (Monday) before 17:00。

For the application materials for details, see Annex 2。Please send the electronic version of the materials to before the deadline,Paper materials to Office 409 Executive Building。

Please read the requirements of the "Notice" carefully,Strictly follow the application requirements of the application。

Science and Education Department

June 6, 2024


1.District Regulations Development (School Edition) forward Wuhan City、Provincial Department of Education 2024 Project Notice 20240506.docx   

2.2024 provincial planning project notice .zip