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Notice announcement

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The annual common drug procurement agreement supplier selection of teachers and students of the No. 1 Middle School of the Chinese Normal University of China。

2. Transaction information

Supplier Name: Wuhan Xiangyuan Tang Li Temple Da Pharmacy Co., Ltd.。

Transaction amount: RMB 3 million 贰 贰 柒 柒 柒 柒 玖 玖。

3, the announcement period

3 days dafabet best online casinofrom the date of this announcement.

4、Ask for the content of this announcement,Please contact the following ways

If there is no objection within three days dafabet best online casinofrom the date of this announcement,The bidding team will issue a notice of winning the bid to the bidding unit。If there is any objection,Please signed by the legal representative or bidder in writing within the prescribed period and stamped with the official seal,and attached related valid proof materials,Reflect the Office of the School Party Committee (027-87920763)。

For companies that actively participate in the bidding activities of this project,Our school expressed heartfelt thanks!



The First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University

May 29, 2024