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Text/Sun Mengjiatu/Xiao Ya




On the morning of July 4,2024 China Normal University First Affiliated Middle School and the Journalism and Propaganda Works of dafabet best online betting websitethe Excellence Alliance School in the conference room on the third floor of the administrative building。Li Huajun, Deputy Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Yang Guohong, Party Secretary of the Chinese Division First Middle School、Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaoying、School Office Director Su Yan、Director of the Development Center Guan Xuan、Director of High Third III Guo Haining,Zhu Qing, deputy secretary of the party branch of Wuhan Huamei Experimental School,Wang Fengxian, Director of the School Office of Tangxun Lake School Office of the Chinese Master No. 1 Middle School, attended the meeting,All correspondent teachers attended the meeting。Part of the leaders and teachers of some excellent alliance schools online。The meeting was chaired by Teacher Sun Mengjia。


To improve the professional literacy of teachers,This meeting specially invited Deputy Dean Li Huajun to bring a special lecture "Improvement of the Media Cultivation of Teachers in the All -Media Times"。Dean Li spreads a new change bureau from the media era of the media era、Teachers face new challenges in the media、School public opinion guidance new features、Four aspects of teachers' media communication and other aspects.。He pointed out that in the background of the entire media era,Teachers must correctly understand the media,Actively improve media literacy,Adhere to value guidance、Content guidance、Resource integration and method innovation、Behavioral motivation and mental health education,Comprehensively improve the quality of school propaganda work。


After the lecture is over,Secretary Yang Guohong issued a lecture certificate to Dean Li,Thank you wonderful lectures for everyone。


Then,Summary of the annual news promotion work by dafabet best online casinoDirector Su Yan,His public account from WeChat、School website、WeChat video number、Media reports, etc., summarized and affirmed the results of the Chinese General Academy and Excellent League School of the Chinese Normal University and dafabet best online betting websitethe Excellence Alliance School of the year,He encourages everyone to continue to work hard,Yongchuang Gaming,Tell a good story together,Disposing a good Chinese teacher,Continuously created new actions in the field of news promotion、Writing a new chapter、Realizing new breakthroughs。


Subsequent,Secretary Yang Guohong read the "Decisions on Commending the Excellent Collective and Advanced Personal Personal Personal Personal Collective and Advanced Personal Personal Personal Personal Persons in the Affiliated High School of China"。He emphasized,Propaganda is productivity,The critical period of the transformation and development of school,I hope that all Chinese people will fully understand the characteristics of the entire media era,Tell the story of educating people,Communication school culture and school concept。


After reading it, the award -winning teachers came to power in batches.

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Exchange can improve,Innovation can be improved。Outstanding correspondent Mr. Zeng Meiling、Teacher Xu Zhen、Director Wang Fengxian shared their promotional work experience。Teacher Zeng mainly introduced the characteristics of the publicity work of this year,She hopes to continue to enrich publicity forms in the new school year,Digging news highlights,Let more people understand the Chinese Master No. 1 Middle School through publicity work。Teacher Xu Zhen of the Logistics Group with "Feeling、Refine、Action "is the keyword,Share the experience and method of myself engaged in journalism and propaganda,If you want to start with your own place,Learn more、Read more、Thinking more,dafabet sports betting websiteKeep curious,The manuscript should be good at seeking new and changing。Director Wang Fengxian uses the theme of "Let Publicity Become a Business Card",Share the fun activities of the Chinese Master No. 1 Middle School Optics Valley Tangxun Lake School、Featured Course, etc.,and the school is in the form of publicity、Publicity system and other aspects of innovation。


At the end of the meeting,Deputy Secretary Wang Xiaoying's speech。Secretary Wang put forward three requirements for all correspondent teachers,1 is to improve political standing,Adhere to the correct public opinion orientation; the second is to strengthen learning exchanges,Constantly refining business skills; third is to raise innovation consciousness,Working together to create a masterpiece。She encourages everyone to study diligently,Good at learning,Strengthen team collaboration,Deepen the unique story and touching moment in the campus,Injects a strong force into the development of the Huizi school。


News Propaganda is a career full of challenges and opportunities,I hope that all teachers will take this meeting as an opportunity,Joad hands together,With a more open mentality、More innovative thinking、More pragmatic style,Jointly promoting school journalism and propaganda work to new steps。