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Text: Chen Xiaxi Picture: Chen Zhengyang Li Yingning Chen Zhengyu Li Zetong Xiao Ya




Noon on June 6,Huazhong Normal University No. 1 Middle School 2023-2024 dafabet best online casinoAcademic Year Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the lecture hall No. 1,Party Secretary Yang Guohong、Vice President Gan Xiangsheng、Director of the Student and Industry Office Le Xiaofeng、Quest, Secretary of the Youth League Committee、All society instructor and members of the community attended the meeting。






First,Vice Chairman of the Association of Society Wu Junong with "Yun Chengfa,Wanli -expected words "is the center,Overview of the work process and achievements of the Social Federation over the past year。From departmental composition to community special activities,Then go to Society Culture Week and Association Literature and Art Show,The work of the community of the Chinese Division No. 1 High School is fruitful,Xinxin Xiangsong。At the same time,He said,Future Association will continue to work hard,Add color to community activities。




Next,Vice President Gan Xiangsheng read the list of commendations for "Top Ten Society" and "Excellent Society Cadres"。This year's "Top Ten Society" is the Phantom Drama Club、S.T Music News Agency、Disciples Street Dance Club、Songhua Speaker、F.L English Interactive Club、Broadcasting Channel、School History Explanation Group、Photography Club、Lanwang Mansion、Basketball Club。Teacher of the award -winning community、President and outstanding community cadres to receive the prize in order。


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6.6 Summary (3)




Next,"Top Ten Society" president representatives、Instructor representatives to introduce experience。

Vice President of Basketball Club Ran Zimu introduced to you the colorful community activities of the basketball club in the past year,Especially various wonderful basketball games have attracted many students present。Except for special activities,He also showed the design of the ball dafabet sports betting websiteuniform、Basketball Club Cultural Wall Construction and other content,Makes people deeply appreciate the efforts and hard work of the community over the past year。


6.6 Summary of the Association (4)


Friends with Sounds,Passing love with sound。In the speech of Wang Yihan, the director of the broadcasting platform,We have seen the figure that the broadcasting station is active in various activities。Public Lesson for the Society、Liech with the University Broadcasting Channel、Enter the TV station to experience the broadcasting work ... This year's broadcasting station can be described as vibrant。In addition,They also set up a series of programs such as "the Voice of Huayi" this year,Dedicated to pass the story of Huayi and Huayi with his own voice。


6.6 Summary Chen Zhengyang (6)


President of the English Club Ma Zhenhao start with challenges and opportunities,Share the diversified courses and fun activities of the community,Make people feel deeply feeling the growth of the English club for a year,Especially the difficulties and hard work in the work of the community、Adjustment and innovation,Move the teacher and student present。


6.6 Summary Chen Zhengyang (8)


Xiao Yang, head of the school history explanation group, "Inheritance、Promotion、Communication、Excavation "shared the various wonderful activities of the community over the past year for keywords。From school history treasure hunting activities to school history knowledge competition,Once the school history volunteer explanation、Interview with retired old teachers, etc.,Make the members of the school history explanation group more calm and confident。


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Peng Yihan, head of the Songhua Lecture Troupe, shared the lectures of a member organization or participating in the national underworld、"Voice of the Time" speech contest and other activities,and showed the honors at all levels won by students。dafabet best online betting websiteShe said,Future Songhua Speaker will continue to complete various tasks,Contribute to the development of the school。


6.6 Summary Chen Zhengyang (15)


Subsequent,Photography Society Instructor Xiao Ya came to the stage to share。From highlighting to breakthrough,Teacher Xiao emphasized that there must be a community self -drive,"You can burst into life from the inner egg"。In addition,She also shared a series of special activities of the photography agency,Fully demonstrated the innovation of the work of the community。


6.6 Summary Chen Zhengyang (16)


and then,Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Guohong sent a affectionate message about the work of the community。He proposed,The community is a powerful grabbing point for training students in the classroom,I hope that all kinds of community activities will have a high degree、There is depth、Thickness,Promote the diversified development of students,The leader who truly cultivates the future world。


6 (2)


Last,Each community instructor awarded a member certificate to the members of the community,Take a group photo。



Each summary is a new starting point,Each honor carries heavy responsibility。In the next school year,I hope that the communities can continue to work hard、Continuous breakthrough,With fuller enthusiasm and stronger beliefs,Continue to write a new chapter in the Chinese Normal University Affiliated High School Culture。
























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