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Today, the rapid development of technology,Artificial intelligence robot technology is gradually becoming an important force to promote social progress。What is artificial intelligence? To what extent can robots replace humans?,"Jiangcheng Science Lecture Hall" Special Program and Academician Dinghan Intelligent Manufacturing Popular Science Studio Celebration Celebration was held at our school。Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Professor of the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology、Doctoral supervisor、Dean Ding Han opened the title of "The Future Technology of the Robot" as the classmates。Academician Ding is a famous robot and intelligent manufacturing expert in my country,Director of the Academic Committee of Ren Huazhong University of Science and Technology、Dean of Future Technology College,Director of National Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation Center,Director of the National Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment and Technology,The National Natural Science Foundation major research plan "Basic theory and Key Technology Research on Robots"。Academician Ding Publishing Academic Monaste 4,Published more than 300 papers of SCI publications; won 1 item of the second prize of National Natural Sciences,National Teaching Achievements First Prize 2 Items,National Science and Technology Progress Award 3 items,1 item of invention and other prizes of machinery industry science and technology award。As of now,Academician Ding has trained more than 50 doctoral students,More than a hundred master students,Among them, nearly 10 people are selected as national leaders、National Young Talent and other dafabet best online betting websitescientific research talents "National Team"。In addition,Peng Yuyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University of Technology,Li Dingjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan Science and Technology Association、Vice Chairman Zheng Hua,Secretary -General Zhu Yongping of Hubei Provincial Mechanical Engineering Society、Deputy Secretary -General of Cai Yan,Zhang Fen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Minister of the Society of Wuhan Science and Technology Association Peng Zhuchun,Wu Yuming, person in charge of the science popularization department,Zhao Huan, Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment and Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Li Ping, Deputy Dean of Hubei University of Technology,,Editor -in -chief Li Yan of Wuhan Education Television participated in the event。Academician Ding Han and Secretary of Peng Yuyuan arrived in our school,by President Zhou Pengcheng、Vice President Xu Hui、Vice President Huang Fuxiang、Director of Fang Gang、Director Peng Jing、Teacher Sun Junfeng and others accompanied him to visit the History Museum of our school,President Zhou Pengcheng introduced the development history of our school to the guests。

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Next,Academician Ding Han、Secretary of Peng Yuyuan, accompanied by the principal Zhou Pengcheng,Visit our school's AI+Robotic Classroom,Vice President Huang Fuxiang of our school introduced the significance and direction of the school's courses,Professor Zhao Huan, a teacher in Huake, reported in detail the construction of AI+robotics courses and classrooms,Course settings and content。


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Subsequent,Academician Ding Han and the student representatives interact,Answer some questions from students and encourage them to speak,Last,Watch the work of this semester,Performance of obstacle avoidance robots。Academician Ding agrees with our excellent performance in the setting of our course。Dialogue in the adolescents of the academician,The students asked Academician Ding Han a lot of wonderful questions。Some students say that the development of artificial intelligence will disappear in the future? How should we choose when we choose the future?,What do you think of AI lying about this,How can we prevent such AI? Answer one by one with academicians,And emphasized that choosing to consider your own interest,Learn mathematics well、Basic disciplines such as physics。


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After finishing the dialogue of the academician,Academician Ding Han Popular Science Lecture officially started。The lecture was chaired by Vice President Xu Hui,President Zhou Pengcheng gave a welcome word, President Zhou said: The No. 1 High School of the Chinese Normal University has been committed to the exploration of quality education,In the 1980s,Our school proposed "return the time to students,Teach Methods to Students ",90s,Our school's first middle school quality science system,In 2014, our school was the first to propose to cultivate students' key abilities,Proposed and practiced "shaping strong fitness heart、Restrictions of excellence、Cultivation of key ability ",Based on the "leader of the future world",Dedicated to cultivate students "with the world、Insight of the future、Dare to be the first、Perseverance and persistence "excellent dafabet best online casinocharacter,Actively explore the early training of top -notch innovation talents。


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In recent years,The key rate of the college entrance examination of our school、Famous school rate、High scores at the top of the province。International Olympic Five University Gold Medal in the Gold Medal for nearly ten years,A total of 37 pieces,The top of the whole country。Student scientific and technological innovation activities fruitful,School is working hard to advance towards the goal of building a world -class middle school。



Our school has a series of school -based courses,Ru Academician Course、Optics Valley Course、PBL course、University First Course, etc.,The academician who came to our school for science lectures this semester included Academician Yan Chunhua, president of Lanzhou University、Academician of Chinese Agricultural University Kang Shaozhong、Academician Fu Zhiyi at Wuhan University of Technology,The digital wave of manufacturing with intelligent manufacturing as the main feature is sweeping the world,Unstoppable potential。Academician Ding Han uses his wisdom and feelings、belief and responsibility,Leading my country's intelligent manufacturing technology innovation,Breaking the waves forward。I hope that students approach scientists with a full spirit and gesture,Learning scientific method、Exercise scientific thinking、Inheritance scientific spirit,Explore the mysteries of intelligent manufacturing。

Next,Speed ​​by Secretary Li Dingjun, Secretary of the Wuhan Science and Technology Association,Secretary Li Dingjun expressed his surprise of his mental appearance when he came to Huashu No. 1 Middle School,He said that the students' ingenuity and good learning were deeply impressed by,Secretary Li also pointed out,June 2022,from Wuhan Science and Technology Association、Established by Academician Dinghan Academician Intelligent Manufacturing Popularization Studio, jointly co -constructed by Hubei University of Technology,On behalf of the city's smart manufacturing popularization work, a new level。For two years,Studio organized a series of popular science work。Wuhan Science and Technology Association will continue to fulfill the responsibilities of the leading unit that enhances the scientific literacy of the whole people,Make more and more contributions to the improvement of the scientific quality of our city。



Lecture starts,Academician Ding Han first introduced the development history of the robot。Geisha from the 10th century BC,Flying Wooden Bird invented by Luban in the 3rd century BC、The birth of the word "ROBOT" in inventing the word "Robot" in the about the 2nd century in about the 2nd century AD,The birth of the first industrial robot in 1959,By now, robots with different morphological functions are applied to various fields such as production and life war,The development of the robot has gone through a long process,From the history of the generation and development of robots,An important motivation for human research robots is human curiosity of human beings and longing for God's ability。One of the goals pursuing is to enable the machine's ability to have some capabilities and even surpass people's ability in some aspects,to achieve replacement of people、Servant、Targets of the extended person。

Human dreams are to make robots become human friendly partners,and there is dafabet best online betting websitestill a big gap between the function and practicality of the robot in reality.。Academician Ding Han said,With the continuous progress of technology and the increasing market expansion,Robotics is ushered in a new development opportunity。His prediction,Future robots will no longer be just simple robotic arms or automation equipment,Instead、Autonomousization、Smart robots with humanized characteristics。That is、The direction of interaction between the environment and the robot develops,Implementing human -machine integration,This is the future development direction of robots: robotic intelligent manufacturing。To achieve this goal,Academician Ding Han pointed out,Robot technology needs to be continuously innovated and breakthrough。His suggestion,Future robotics research should pay more attention to cross -disciplinary integration,Artificial intelligence、Machine Learning、Advanced technologies such as machine vision integrate into robot design,Improve the intelligent level of robots。At the same time,It also needs to strengthen the development of human -computer interaction technology,Makes robots more easier to understand and use。



At the same time,Robotics also faces a huge challenge for philosophy,Academician Ding Han pointed out,It still needs to be sophisticated on the two major scientific issues of manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology,For example, how the robot completes a simple action like a lace。He emphasized,From "Experience Technology" to "Number、Smart Crafts "is a huge challenge,Need to study and apply a new generation of artificial intelligence technology。Robot intelligent manufacturing a very important development direction is to develop humanoid robots。Humanoid Robot,Is the form of imitating people、Sports and Functional Advanced General Model Robots,and its derivatives、Robot,Have a perception environment、An operating object、The ability of human -machine collaboration,Auxiliary or replacing human execution danger、Dirty、A variety of types of tasks in repeated environments,Corresponding and handling unpredictable circumstances,Humanoid robots can interact with human beings,Improve the efficiency and comfort of human -computer interaction。Humanoid robots have high adaptability and flexibility,Can perform various tasks in complex environments。Future,Humanoid robots can be manufactured in 3C/car、Logistics、Pension、Housekeeping and other scenes,It may also become a military security、Important forces of space development。In addition,Academician Ding Han also emphasized that robotics is in medical treatment、Education、Service and other fields of application prospects。He thinks,With the continuous development of robot technology,More innovative applications will emerge in the future,Bring more convenience and well -being to human society。High technical thresholds facing humanoid robots are high,Need to overcome exercise control、Perception and cognition、Materials such as human -computer interaction。Compared to other types of robots,Humanoid robots are designing、There are greater challenges in manufacturing and applications。



When talking about the development of the Chinese robot industry,Academician Ding Han said,China's dafabet sports betting websiterobot industry has made great progress,But in core technology、Innovation ability and other aspects still need to be improved。He called on domestic enterprises to strengthen R & D investment,Improve independent innovation ability,Promoting the realization of high -quality development in the Chinese robot industry。

Last,Academician Ding Han emphasized,The development of future robot technology requires global cooperation and joint efforts。He calls on scientists and entrepreneurs from various countries to strengthen exchanges and cooperation,Commonly promoting the innovation and development of robot technology,Make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of human society。At the end of the lecture, Academician Ding Han also emphasized that the most important thing to emphasize people is to have their own ideas,Creative,This is the place where robots are difficult to catch up with human beings,At the same time,When choosing your own profession in the future, you must choose the field of interest to learn and explore。

At the end of the event,The “Intelligent Manufacturing Popularization Studio of Hubei University of Technology, the party secretary of the Hubei University of Technology, presented the popular science book" Smart Manufacturing Tour "for the first affiliated middle school of Huazhong Normal University。This event is successfully ended。