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Ji Yang Journalist Xiao Yang

Video editing Deng Chunlan

Intern Wang Qingyang Zhu Yang Xuhui

"My son is still very satisfied with this score!" June 25,Journalists learned,Huazhong No. 1 Senior High School (4) Class dafabet sports betting websitePhysical Candidates Huang Zhengzheng, a student of the Chinese Normal University, found out his college entrance examination score,Total score 703 points,Among them,English 145 points,English 145 points,Physics 98 points,Chemistry 93 points,Biology 96 points。Huang Zhengzhen's father said,My son usually does not partial,I have loved reading since I was a child,and like thinking about problems。


Huang Zhengzhen

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Chinese learning is very ways

Huang Zhengzheng's Chinese teacher、Class Teacher Tu Ping Lao said,In learning,Huang Zhengzhen is very obedient,Can strictly follow the teacher's requirements,High School High 2 Pay attention to reading、Make an excerpt、Write reading notes、Reading Extraceled Morning and Evening Back Excerpts,Improve reading and writing ability。High three follow the rhythm of the teacher,Study the True True Questions of the College Entrance Examination in the section of the section,Summary of question type laws and answering methods,"Especially his writing is beautiful,Persist in wording every day for three years。”

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Huang Zhengzheng's Chinese characters are very beautiful

Chinese test 145 points,What are the secrets of learning? Huang Zhengzheng said,First, hurry up extra -curricular time,Read as much as possible if you can read it。Reading,We can not only improve their understanding and empathy,You can also accumulate rich materials,Learn the excellent language expression method。The process of reading is the process of improving the literacy of Chinese。Second, pay attention to textbooks,Implementing the classroom content。Textbook is an important resource for Chinese learning,It contains a lot of knowledge points and test points。In -depth understanding and mastering the textbook content,It can help us touch the type of bypass in the dafabet online casino gamesexam,Be better to deal with various types of questions。Third to recite answering ideas and templates。Although modern Chinese teaching does not encourage rigid recitation,But it is still necessary to recite some basic answers and templates。This helps us quickly form thinking when facing the new problem,Avoid the situation where there is no way to write。The fourth is to accumulate composition materials and basic knowledge,I still have to memorize the back。Composition material、Basic knowledge such as classical Chinese words and idioms is an important part of Chinese learning,Accumulate these knowledge,It is conducive to studying in the examination room、Excellence of the side,Write a high score test room composition in a short time。Finally, you must clarify the question of answering questions and do questions for the test room。In the exam,It is very important to clarify your answer strategy and process。This includes outline the centers、layered、Look at options and other techniques,and the method of answering the article for the article。These strategies help us understand the questions more systematically,Know the test point more deeply,to better cope with the exam。 

Polying, enthusiastic fast intestines

Practice at school media center

Huang Zhengzheng's father said,When my son went to kindergarten, I liked reading,Can sit down and read quietly,and the thinking is very active。He remembers that when Huang Zhengzheng was very young,Just use Chinese pinyin to compose the story,I also helped my children to organize three comic paintings。

Teacher Tu Ping, the head teacher, it seems,Huang Zhengzhen is a proper school hegemony,Enthusiastic and fast intestine,Classes in the class are particularly attentive,Collective honor is particularly strong,Welcome to teachers and classmates。Discovery drama dafabet online sports betting appin the class、Performance,Huang Zhengzhen always be a screenwriter,Pay silently behind the scenes,Even a big scan is rushing to sweep the ground、Pour garbage。Huang Zhengzhen is still versatile,It is the Deputy Minister of the News Department of the Student Media Center。

It is reported,Huang Zhengzhen often participated in the writing of the Public Public Number and the official website of the Chinese Normal University Affiliated Middle School during the school,As a little reporter, he also interviewed Director Guo Fan, "Wandering Earth 2",He asked hotly in the four and a half years of long -distance running of "Wandering Earth 2",Can't avoid the process of ‘painting cakes full of hunger’,In the whole 'painting cake' '' kneading 'and the last' finished product production 'link,How are you so cohesive,Let everyone convince you,Keep high leadership? "Guo Dao said silently:" Let me understand this question,Too difficult,Similar to the defense。Each question is the same as the paper。It was originally a science popularization,Now planting the next seed in my heart,I need to study hard。”

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Class activities are colorful

Huang Zhengzhen's class chief storage class was rated as "Excellent Class Collective" in Wuhan in 2023,From the perspective of Teacher Tu Ping, head teacher,Long storage meaning "Long Sky Fighting Hong Yezhi,Energy storage for the moment ",I hope that students in this class can look up at the starry sky,With the ambition of Hongya,Can be down -to -earth,Sinking Live Energy。


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