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Hubei Daily All Media Reporter Zhang Qianqian

"Preparing for physical competitions is a difficult process。I will not forget that all the memory of the calculator is full,Finally, I still calculate the error's frustration; I will not forget to derive the exercises in dafabet online casino gamesthe bedroom in the cold night,Finally found that the joy of the answer is wrong。"June 11,Li Yirui at the Affiliated High School of the Chinese Normal University said in an interview with the media。

Just two days ago,The 24th Asian Physics Olympic Contest (APHO) ended in Malaysia,The Chinese team all won all 8 people to win gold,Li Yirui as the only gold player in Hubei,Get the third place in Asia。Li Yirui himself has a strong interest in the computer field,Current,He has been admitted by Tsinghua University's "Tsinghua Academy Computer Science Experimental Class" (referred to as "Yao Ban")。

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January this year,Li Yirui was selected as the Asian Physics Olympics National Team,and go to Tsinghua University in May to participate in training。5 -month -old preparation period,Li Yirui not only deepened the mastery of physical knowledge,More improved in English ability。

Under the guidance of Liu Juan, head of the class teacher,Li Yirui broaden the learning scope of English knowledge,Through extensive contact with English speech,Quickly adapted to the speed and expression habits of English。Physical coach Li Zhiqiang is also providing the original English topic,Continuously developing new experiment questions,Encourage students to find materials,Hands -on experimental equipment,Cultivate the spirit of innovation。

During the preparation process,Li Yirui also faced challenges。When he found that he was not much improved compared to the previous year,Attelligence was frustrated。At this critical moment,Li Zhiqiang and Liu Juan gave him great encouragement and support,The class teacher Liu Juan even visited himself,Communicate with parents,Commonly helping Li Yirui crossing the difficulty。

There is no danger at the competition scene。Li Yirui recalled,In the experimental link of "Exploring the Motor Facial Formula of Rigid Sports"dafabet online sports betting app,Players need to control the discs to rotate more than 10,000 per minute。During the competition,Li Yirui found that the motor screw of the experiment is not tight,He adjusts the mentality in time,Check the turntable before each measurement of the data,Successful completion of the experiment,and won the third place in the Chinese team。

Self -learning broad theory

During high school,Li Yirui has a wide range of interests,He has always loved photography,and like AI painting,At the same time, he also learned the general theory of relativity。When learning has a spare power,,Try to several attempts,He has a strong interest in general relativity,Use the winter vacation time,Following the online course, I learned relevant knowledge。

During the learning process of the physical Olympics,Li Yirui does not retract easily in the face of challenges。High School,When he answered an electric power learning question,Use a special calculator for the competition for complex calculations,Continuous research for the afternoon,Even if the calculator data storage slot "overload" is not given up。This experience has stimulated his determination and perseverance to solve the problem。

Li Yirui shared some learning experience with his younger brothers。First is reading、Take notes。"Read the book directly,Possibly the effect is poor。You need to derive the content of the book yourself,This can have a deeper understanding。"The second is to do questions。"If you find it, you will not do exercises,Think about 10 minutes first,I still can't think of the answer,Just look at it first,How to do it,Then check the book and do it again。"Third, in terms of formulating plans。Li Yirui will list what must be completed every day and elastic complete,The big plan sets stage targets,step by step。

Most of the Security Master, Aunt Cafeterian, etc.


One day at the end of April,Li Yirui went to dafabet sports betting websitethe cafeteria as usual as usual,I said a word to Auntie, "I will go to Beijing to participate in the competition tomorrow!",Full of Li Yirui to the alma mater,The gratitude of one grass and one wood。

Li Yirui Introduction,The experimental instrument of the physical Olympics is more expensive,He learned when he participated in the national team training,The experimental instrument used in the International Olympics has only one -class college with。"My alma mater also purchased a large number of experimental equipment,Provided us with a very good physical competition platform。”

Physical competitions are very tested to do the speed,Li Yirui himself has accurate control of time。For example,He often stays in the classroom after class after class,Sometimes it has passed at 11pm when leaving school;,He used the early stage of school,Try food at each window one by one,Select the window that suits you best,Use one week,Trial 12:22 is the low peak of the cafeteria,Can eat quickly。

"I need to thank those who silently accompany me,For example, the security master at the door,Auntie in the cafeteria,宿 ... "Li Yirui said,These people's ordinary actions,Let him safe、I spent the campus life smoothly。

"Struggling for the country is our responsibility and responsibility。"The relevant person in charge of the No. 1 Affiliated High School of Huazhong Normal University said,Li Yirui has strong self -capacity,Thanksgiving heart,I hope he can carry forward these advantages,Looking up at the starry sky、Stable and far away,Make a role model for reporting the society and the motherland。


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