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Hubei Daily News (Reporter Zhang Zhenzhen、Zhang Qianqian、Correspondent Su Yan、Zhou Ke) Recently,The first "Qiu Chengtong Youth Class" in our province was launched in the first affiliated middle school of Huazhong Normal University (referred to as the "No. 1 Middle School of the Chinese Normal University").,Future leaders committed to cultivating basic sciences such as mathematics。

"Qiu Chengtong Youth Class" is by Chinese mathematicians、Foreign academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、Mr. Qiu Chengtong, Dean of Tsinghua University, initiated,Mainly cultivating science and advocating science、Physical and mental health、Talent、Have prominent mathematics、Physical potential and specialties, and are interested in scientific research for life -long middle school students。This young class is held with high -quality middle schools in various provinces,Adopting junior high school penetration、Linking Method Cultivation,Early cultivation of basic discipline talents such as mathematics and other basic disciplines,Delivery and innovative reserve talents for the country。

According to an introduction,Huazhong Normal University No.1 Middle School will set up 2 "Qiu Chengtong Youth Class",Mr. Qiu Chengtong serves as the general consultant,Responsible for comprehensive guidance、Planning General Training Plan,This year planned to recruit about 100 elementary school graduates。The youth class follows the basis、High starting point、High standard principles,Junior High School consistent training,Small class teaching,Fully develops students' mathematical expertise,Take care of general education,Realize students' personalization and comprehensive development。

These students will be with the other four junior high school students,Learn with high school students with high school students on the campus of the No. 1 Middle School of China Normal University、Life、Growth,Together with my peers,Promote each other、Commonly improved,To the greatest extent stimulate potential。

Why is the first "Qiu Chengtong Youth Class" in our province's "Flower Falling" Huazhong Normal University Affiliated Middle School? Zhou Pengcheng, the principal of the school, said,As early as ten years ago,The school began to explore the creation of "large, medium and small" integrated penetration training system,Concept of cultivating college innovative talents、Method to extend to middle school。"Qiu Chengtong Youth Class" opened,It means that the school's top innovative talents cultivate a new dafabet sports betting websitestage,It is also a new starting point for the school's elementary high -tech innovative talents to penetrate the cultivation practice。The school will follow the "shape strong fitness heart、Restrictions of excellence、Cultivation of key abilities "educating concept,Building an early discovery of basic disciplines of basic disciplines、Selection and integrated penetration training mechanism。