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Education and Teaching

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June 6 and 13, 2024,Our school's senior high school students who have selected politics in Zhou Jin'e、Xiao Shihua、Zhang Qiaoqiao's three teachers,Go to the headquarters of Hongshan District Court and the Peace Court,Listening to the trial process of three civil dispute cases, respectively。Teachers and students use the "zero distance" to learn by the case、"immersive" experience court review process,greatly enhanced the understanding and understanding of the legal knowledge of books and the spirit of the rule of law。


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In the afternoon of June 6, 2024,High School Two (28) Class (28) and Class 2 (19) class students went to the headquarters of the People's Court of Hongshan District,I listened to the trial of the "Old Community Add Elevator Dispute"。

During the two -hour trial process,Students or open textbooks,Link the case with legal knowledge; or take notes,Follow the judge into the real scene of the case。After the trial is over,The judge of the chief trial enters the seat and conducts a cordial exchange and discussion with the students,Answer to everyone's questions。When asked why when I finally chose to resolve the dispute through mediation,Judge Xiao Ying told everyone: "In addition to considering the law,More consideration and reason,It is necessary to achieve the unity of the law and reason,Judicial trial must work hard to achieve political effects、Legal effects and social effects organic unity。"Students also launched a discussion on the final purpose of justice with the judge,Some students say that the law is to "maintain justice",Some students say that the law is a way to promote "positive values",Everyone expresses their own opinions,Growing up in communication。

After the event is over,Zhang Bohui in Class 2 (28) of High School (28) feels very touching: "This time I listening made me very harvested,Legal knowledge in textbooks is just a large -scale text,I will come to the body now,When these words are projected into real life,They are related to people's feelings,Related to the warmth of society。"Liu Yaru in Class 2 (19) in high school (19) expressed his feelings:" This oblique activity makes the knowledge on textbooks a lively reality in front of us,The trial and discussion of this case deepened my understanding of the law,Facing complex real cases,The role of the law is multi -faceted、Deep。”



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Acts with chest, law protects Ping An

In the afternoon of June 6, 2024,Class 2 (16) classmates of Class II (16) went to the Peace Court of the People's Court of Hongshan District,"Immersive" experienced a real court trial on traffic accident disputes。

Before the start of the trial,The students visited the mediation room with the judge's explanation、Judge's rest area, etc.,I have a general understanding of the entire court layout structure。Subsequent,The students carefully listened to the trial process of a traffic accident dispute。Preparation for the trial、Court survey、court debate ... After the court,Judge Shi Rui also communicated face to face with the classmates,The case itself answered the doubts of the students in detail,I also did the expansion and extension of legal knowledge。

This law education activity benefits students a lot,Vital to feel the weighing of the country、criteria that time is irreplaceable。Students pass the audio trial process,Deepen the understanding of litigation procedures and cognition of legal knowledge,More importantly, cultivating humanistic care under the consciousness of the rule of law。

Gong Yiping said: "What impressed me most was that the judge said to us,They will always stand at a higher perspective to judge the case,Consider the humanistic care of the case,and the guidance of society,So we have reasonable expectations if we respond to the lawsuit。"Zou Lexin believes:" From the moment of the primary incident after respected people to save people,It has formed a humanistic education orientation and legal value orientation with temperature feelings。”

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Gathering knowledge, escort according to law

In the afternoon of June 13, 2024,Students from Class 2 (10) in Class 2 (10) went to the People's Court of Hongshan District,I listened to the trial of the "Intellectual Property Dispute Case of Guizhou Moutai Winery"。

Before the trial starts,The students dafabet online casino gamesmade a simple visit to the Hongshan People's Court。Subsequent,Plaintiff、Defendant、Judge entered court,Culinary trial accompanied by the formal start of the hammer,The students immediately opened a serious and solemn listening。

During the trial process,The students listen quietly and carefully,Carefully record the relevant details of the original defendant's speech in this case and your own thinking。After the trial,The students conducted a face -to -face in -depth communication with the judge of the chief trial。Evidence collection in this case、Applicable program,The students raised their own problems。Face everyone’s doubts,The judge quoted the law to answer one by one,Fully affirmed the thoughts and questions of the students: "Students for legal procedures、Legal provisions, etc., have certain knowledge reserves,Question questions are relatively professional。"Subsequent,Questions about the applicable to the students,Judge said: "Mediation is a system that has Chinese characteristics to resolve disputes,The purpose of the law is to solve the problem、Adjustment of social relations,instead of simply punishment。”

After the event is over,Students have expressed their feelings。Yin Yu Chen of Class 2 (10) believes: "This time,I really feel the connotation of fair justice。As Karl Marx said ‘the judge is the king of the legal world,There is no other boss except the law '。 The legal text in the textbook seems to be far away with us,When I was so close to the court trial scene,I feel the seriousness of the real court trial、Specifications and Justice。”

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This legal research activity is a student who selects politics in the seniority of high school to study selectivity. "Law and Life,Under the background of certain legal knowledge,The political teaching and research team carefully planned the organization。This event was highly attached to and strongly supported by the Hongshan District Court。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "trying to make the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case。Entering the solemn court,Promote learning with a case,Promoting the case,Effectively stimulated the strong interest of students' learning methods,Make the rule of law seeds that know the law in many students,It also brings them about career development、Inspiration of Life Road; combine the school's small classroom and social classroom,Create comprehensive、Activity -type ideological and political disciplines,helps to effectively enhance students' consciousness of rule of law、Cultivate students' key abilities,Really improve the core literacy of students' ideological and political disciplines。

Affiliated Student Students:

Li Tianyu

The work of court is really a difficult and difficult issue! Although as a judicial worker means glory and responsibility,But always keep patience and focus during trials,Careful listening to the parties' statement,Dipping cocoon from complex appearances,Find the focus of the dispute between the two parties,Find a solution that both parties can accept,This is not an easy task! Especially this case involves disputes between neighbors,The judge particularly emphasized to us the principle of "peace as expensive" in dealing with the important status in dafabet best online casinoadjacent relationships,and convey to us "the law is ultimately moral、The concept of serving good,Let us feel what ‘melting love in the law”,Serving people with rationality,More morality。I hope that in the future, we will not only contribute to the construction of China in rule of law,More able to promote the rule of law、The way to combine Germany to do its best!

Xie Zhonghao

Trial "Payment of benefits" is not coercion.

I came to the grassroots court today to hear the trial case,It is the "mysterious veil" of justice in my heart.。"Strong resignation" and "Battle of Tongue" without imagination,Plaintiff、Defendant、Judges each Chen Qiqi,The whole process is calm and calm,OK。

The defendant has a saying that makes me feel deeply,"The plaintiff put the agreement here,If we do not sign,We don't want to build an elevator ",The defendant finally signed a word。I saw the compromise of the elderly for young people,Even if they do not sign,You can repair the elevator in accordance with the law,But signed the agreement out of helplessness,But "Horse Board",Own anti -Er,Neighborhood disputes are common problems。If you take a step back in the neighborhood,Sea wide sky,Maybe you can take a mediation method,to avoid injury and qi。

At the same time as protecting its own interests,Don't forget to think for others。Self -consciousness is valuable,The overall concept price is higher。

Zhang Ganrui

This trial,I especially learned about the importance of the opinion of issuing qualifications in the lawsuit。If the evidence is not sufficient enough,So even real evidence may be overturned in the qualification certificate。If the defender has not brought the identity information of the two parties without the identity information of the phone,Refuse to recognize the authenticity of the defendant's call with the plaintiff。This reflects the role of evidence in litigation,It also reflects the difference between the facts of the case and the facts of life。

Liu Jiaxin

Originally thought that the court would be a wonderful confrontation between the lawyers of both sides,I did not expect the focus of this case to investigate the court,I also learned a new principle- "one certificate, one quality",Learn to understand the relationship between the new concept "coercion signing" and "interest balance" 。

Judge sister take the lead in sorting out the entire case,Display Dispute Disputes Both parties occupy each other,She said if it is judged by the law,Everything will be settled soon,If the two parties are not convinced, they will also appeal,But she chose a court mediation method to handle the case of dafabet best online casinoadjacent relationships,After all, the two parties are neighbors who have looked up and have gone.。If you can mediate in place,Avilled coordination,The law does not have to play。But she finally said that the mediation failed,Just the judgment result is postponed。

Li Yofi

The people's justice is the people.

This case of the trial of the Hongshan District Court benefited me a lot。After walking out of the court, I still can't calm down for a long time。

The judge used her vital behavior to truly interpret the image of a judiciary of justice for the people。She tells us that she has always had four words inside,Guide yourself -fixed scores,This is why her final mediation。and she,It is indeed a combination of reasonable law。"To the greatest extent in a reasonable and legal way to solve the problem。Let every parties who come out of me will not have a huge hostility,Let every case from me coming out of me resolved to the greatest extent,This is my original mission as a grass -roots judicial worker。"Her smile is like a warm sun, we are warm, we are warm,It also warmed the court。

Sun Haichuan

Unification of the reason method,I used to seem to be just a word、A answer routine。and Today,After experiencing the real court trial,Only understand,The significance of this sentence in judicial practice。Judge said,"" Talk about love first,199180_199187,The reason is no longer the law。"‘ Law is the bottom line of morality, Before talking about the law, you must spar the morals。"" "Today's adjacent rights dispute,It is the optimal solution,Therefore, the judge will try to mediate。I accidentally heard the deputy dean's saying,"Civil conditions,especially this,mediation can really solve the problem,If the judgment is not convinced, it can only be an appeal。"" ",The hard set of the law,It will only intensify the neighborhood contradictions。A case,Not just for Bo Gongtang,There are long -term interpersonal relationships behind it,Zhenghe Judge said,Young people want to make the elderly too easy,The neighbors look up and see each other,Take a step back,To be reasonable and legitimate in order to really solve the problem。After an afternoon listening,Back to the classroom,glance at the textbooks placed on the table at will,Suddenly understand,What is "legal and life"。

Bai Yuga

This on -site viewing activity has benefited me a lot,A new understanding of the litigation mediation。

As the judge said,The law is text,Explanations and cognition。Justice is flexible,There is justice and reasonable。Only use people as the purpose rather than means,can better play the role of "fixed scores and stops",Promoting neighborhood harmony。

Liu Yangyuwen

Law first, reasonable.

Disputes after installing elevators are getting more and more common in today's society,How to deal with the conflict between the neighborhood、Create a harmonious community,This is exactly what the judicial should be considered,instead of being a rigidity method、Do trial indifferently。

In stereotype,The court is majestic but not "close",But in fact it is majestic,but can also be "close"、Temperature。The judge finally chose to mediate。In the whole process, it is not cold face、Just ask for legal justice。Education in Trial,The judge also focuses on reconciling neighborhood relations while hearing the case、Inject humanity and empathy,Letting the parties protect the rights and interests while letting them truly understand the "reason" of the law,"Temperature" of touching law -This is the justice we need、Legal practice with temperature。

A life of the judge impressed me very deep: "mediation,is to unlock the knot in your heart,Ice of melting society "。As a judiciary,Just the first place,But the social benefits it brings is more important than judicial results。

Last,Judge said,"I accept every partner to supervise me in a legal channel,This is my attitude as a judicial worker "。I learned a lot of things in this judge who couldn't school in the classroom。She told me "The law is just text content,Each judge's understanding of the law、Applications are more or less different,What we have to do,It is the correctness of maintaining generosity。In this process,Use our relationship、Reasonable、Law ways to solve the problem to the greatest extent。Let everyone who goes out of me be there is no huge hostility,Make every case from me get out of me get even a step of solution,This is my original intention and mission as a grass -roots judicial worker "

Wen Minzhi

I personally experience the whole process of court trial,Beneficial benefits。Trial not only deepen、strengthened my understanding of textbook knowledge、Learn for its specific application,Let me experience the majesty of justice、The role of legal scores and disputes,Enhance my legal consciousness。Penalties that are illegal illegal,mediation relationship、Guarantee fairness and justice、Stable Social Order is the starting point and end point of the law,It is the true meaning of the law of "love" in love。Finally, the communication with the judge makes me know that the law is actually a temperature,It also nourishes the seeds of "law" at the bottom of my heart。

Wu Yijie

The law is ruthless and affectionate。It is selflessly fixed and stopped,But it also melted the "ice cubes" that block people's hearts in the society。The judge will be solemnly carried out during the trial,But from time to time, it also uses a humorous and humorous tone to alleviate the atmosphere of the party's tension and confrontation,A degree of relaxation,Rong method、Legal、Love integration。At the same time after the trial,The judge actively expands mediation,Vividly interpreted the diversified dispute resolution mechanism,Show the corresponding cooperation of different means,Advantages of long -term complement。At the same time, the biggest harvest of me dafabet best online casinois the further understanding of the profession of judge,A fair judgment of a case、Success solving is not just the victory of the law,It is the realization of the self -worth of the judge。

Yu Ziyuan

This trial left me a very special impression。First of all, the entire process of the trial is indeed as standard as the book is written as the book,In the process of listening, you can experience the fairness and seriousness of justice。Second,The judge broke the stereotype of my selflessness of the judge in the past,On the contrary, she has very high occupation and legal literacy,Effectively controlled the entire atmosphere in the entire trial,Clear thinking,Precise and concise language,Very calm at the same time,Not being led away by both sides of the original defendant,At the same time, she said, "First of all love,Another reason,Last method "。Very positive attempts to mediate on both parties,I hope to alleviate the contradictions of the neighborhood,Reflecting the "humanistic taste" of the company's law。

This trial provides me with a different perspective to look at a case,This perspective is even more fair,More objective,It can also reflect the principles of justice,Based on facts,Taking the law as the criterion to stop struggle,In general,Is a special experience。

Zhou Shiyu

In terms of overall,Experience preparations、Court survey、Three procedures for court debate,Lotten two and a half hours,In the actual link, the internal order is slightly fine -tuned compared to the textbook,but generally consistent。Live longer,It also shows that the neighborhood disputes rose to the stage of the resolution of the lawsuit,The complexity of the resolution of disputes exceeds expectations。

As far as the process is concerned,Both parties prepared recording、Photo、Chat Record、Related Agreement,Design drawings and other evidence,At the same time, I fully checked the Civil Code -related laws、Administrative Regulations and other information,Submit a written statement file,Let people have a better understanding of the preparations of the lawsuit。At the same time,Under the guidance of the judge,The two parties clearly stated their own demands with a relatively peaceful attitude,It is also reminded to be calm and rational when fighting a lawsuit,Reasonable and well -based,Proposal rights,Have a good court literacy。

As far as results are concerned,Judge's mediation behavior and consideration of social benefits have deepened the understanding of "reasonable" in the law。Judge persuaded the two parties to choose to mediate,Both reflect the human sentiment in the law,It also shows that the concept of harmony is expensive in neighborhood relations,At the same time, it also explains that mediation and other means are simpler when dealing with neighborhood relations。

In short,,This jury has gained a lot,It has also deepened the understanding of the actual application of relevant laws。

Yan Xixi

This is my second court trial, and it has a lot of gains.

The dispute between the plaintiff and the defendant is very fierce,Last for nearly 3 hours,Clear litigation process。But what I am most impressed by the judge: First, her professional ability is very strong,Being able to hold one word in both parties、When the speech is chaotic, ask key questions,Finally clarified the case; the second is her legal feelings,Efforts to maintain fairness and justice,Work hard to guide the two parties to receive mediation、Fixed scores; Third, her cute and modest personality,Makes people feel that legal workers are not cold ice、Heights above。This is exactly what the legal person should be in the minds of the mind!

He Xinyang

When I first saw the case introduction,Naturally, it is believed that this is a case of neighborhood disputes that is usually not a neighborhood,The textbook is clearly written: "Do not fulfill the contractual obligation or perform the contract obligations that do not meet the agreement,The contractor can ask the breach party to bear the liability for breach of contract ",So I think the result of the judgment is that there is no objection。But the whole trial was heard,I found that reality is much more complicated than textbooks,The law is not a cold law that can determine the right or wrong in a certain behavior of a certain party,The process of judge trial is not the process of judging right or wrong。The use of law in reality is complex,Game full of reason and jurisprudence。

Zou Lexin

Law is important,But the more important thing behind the law is human heart and justice,The most impressed by the whole event is that the judge said,A judgment is not just the judgment of the case,It is a guide and guidance,It is a call for justice and the pursuit of the rule of law。An unfair judgment,Will pollute the entire river。

Later, I asked the judge's assistant to feel in the legal cause,She told me that trials and defense are branches of legal cause,But in fact there is a big difference between the two。Trial is justice,Speaking,For not partial tan,Defense for interest,To find a judgment that is biased to yourself,To state the truth,To reveal the grievances,But in my opinion, there are many common points,For example, the humanistic care with the halo of rule of law。Settlement is not being abolished by the prosperous age,It is also the end of the prosperous world。High trial desk,Always rooted in the earth,Given it in people's hearts and stand forever。Seek fairness for people,Seeking temperature for the heart,I will always worship the law itself and extension。

Liu Wenzhan

The process of this trial has made our group of high school students who "talked on paper",But what impresses me even more is still the Q & A process between the judges,This is the first time I really communicate with professional legal persons、Feel the internal logic of the legal inner logic behind its words,When I asked the question, I accurately understood dafabet best online casinomy question and outlined it with rigorous language.。She immediately launch the whole picture through only words,Perfectly shows its superb logic level。During the answer process,Between each sentence of the judge,Moved layer by layer without any flaws,Make me experience the ability of legal professionals in terms of thinking。

Wang Yubaiji

I witnessed the real trial site,The most impressive is the "professional" and "kind" of legal workers。Shi Shi shared with us the psychological feelings in her career、Legal work、The enthusiasm and initial heart of the concept of the rule of law, Let people really feel the weight of the law and the connotation of the combination of punishment with the rule of law。When the litigation agent relies on his professional knowledge,On -the -spot analysis ability、Random strain ability,Highlighting the expression ability fully expresses the appeal during the trial,When maintaining the rights and interests of the client,It is particularly admirable,can also show personal ability,These positive impacts that I can really understand the knowledge I have learned at all times。The paper will be shallow on the paper,Never know that this matter must be bowed。Entering the court really feels the rigorous reason and temperature of the law。


It seems to be very different from the imagination,Sitting on the counters I think the court is not as spacious as on TV、Salvation,A hammer of the judge,I realize that the sacred and distant judgment in my heart is over。So I realized,The court is not so far away,Maybe a moment of luck, we will sit on the plaintiff's defendant's seat。On the other hand,Lawyer's strength to turn the tide without appearing,All is so pale and weak in front of the evidence。Fairness and justice will eventually be defended and implemented。

Huang Weiyi

Learning law cannot stay in theory,Instead of entering practice,Understanding the reasonable touch of the law,Experience the flexible legal wisdom in real life -this is the revelation given me by Judge Shi Rui。A complaint of A4 paper issued before departure,Summary of a case of not complicated traffic accidents,But when we really entered the trial, we found that the case should be considered so much,The relationship between evidence and claims needs to be so rigorous。Difficulties in the law,Is not to remember,and understand and use。In the face of real life in real life, how should we use the learned legal knowledge as the basis for disconnection,Try to resolve disputes in a comprehensive and fair manner? Facing complex character relationship、Merry considerations,How can we clarify the head,Sorting evidence to make judgments? This time I listened to our most direct and authoritative sample。Deepen our understanding of litigation,Light again to light up our heart name "Lantern of the Law"。

Xiao Yichen

Fortunately, I can listen to the real court once today,It's really a particularly coincidental thing to do what you want to do。This experience allows me not only to keep the legal understanding in the book imagination,At the same time, I have a deeper understanding of the process of litigation,The workload of the judicial staff、Surprised in reality。and the most impression and touch is the humanistic feelings that the judge said。In legal aspect,or all aspects of life cannot annihilate humanity,Discard the humanistic spirit。Hope there is still the opportunity to participate in such a special classroom,Contact the learning and life,Based on it on the basis of actual basics。

Wang Yuxiang

Letting the rule of law truly become part of the people's life。Words related,More accurate in terms of gap。Reason for the reason,is the scarce of my life practice of the rule of law。Acting lawyers on both sides are not as passionate as imagined,or "impulsive"? The whole listening is not high pressure,Cold。My biggest feeling is "peace" and "kind"。Pinghe is the rationality of respecting the truth of the law,Kindness is the spirit that runs through the humanistic feelings。I really hope that this kind of opportunity to go to national legal organs is more,Let more people participate,Breaking the blocking in the masses and state organs,Walls between the people's life and the rule of law。

Qin Xiaoyu

The deepest feeling this time is the communication dialogue of Judge Shi after the trial,She answers the questions we raised one after another with an approachable attitude,Among them, her words of the meaning of the existence of the law court make me feel deeply。She said: "But I firmly believe that my colleagues, like me, adhere to the principles of the law and review each case equally,Return to society with a fair "。Efforts to make all the people feel the fairness and justice of justice,This sentence is no longer just empty talk,Instead, countless individuals are struggling for this goal。